[ftputil] [ANN] ftputil 2.7 released

Stefan Schwarzer sschwarzer at sschwarzer.net
Sun Jul 8 10:11:50 CEST 2012

ftputil 2.7 is now available from
http://ftputil.sschwarzer.net/download .

Changes since version 2.6

- ftputil now explicitly tries to get hidden directory and file
  names (names starting with a dot) from the FTP server. [1]

  Before, ftputil used a `LIST` command to get directory listings, now
  it uses `LIST -a` if the server doesn't explicitly reject its usage
  upon login. Note that the server is free to ignore the `-a` option,
  so "hidden" directories and files may still not be visible. Please
  see [2] for details.

  If you have code that _relies_ on "hidden" directory or file names
  _not_ being visible, please update the code as necessary. If that's
  presumably not possible, please send feedback to the mailing list [3]
  or in private mail [4].

- A bug in the experimental synchronization code was fixed [5]. Thanks
  to Zhuo Qiang for his help. :-)

What is ftputil?

ftputil is a high-level FTP client library for the Python programming
language. ftputil implements a virtual file system for accessing FTP
servers, that is, it can generate file-like objects for remote files.
The library supports many functions similar to those in the os,
os.path and shutil modules. ftputil has convenience functions for
conditional uploads and downloads, and handles FTP clients and servers
in different timezones.

Read the documentation at
http://ftputil.sschwarzer.net/documentation .


ftputil is Open Source software, released under the revised BSD
license (see http://www.opensource.org/licenses/bsd-license.php ).

[1] http://ftputil.sschwarzer.net/trac/ticket/23
[2] http://ftputil.sschwarzer.net/trac/ticket/23#comment:4
[3] http://codespeak.net/mailman/listinfo/ftputil
    (note that you need to subscribe to the list to be able to post there)
[4] sschwarzer at sschwarzer.net
[5] http://ftputil.sschwarzer.net/trac/ticket/62


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